• TimeTrack - Attendance & Leave Management
  • TimeTrack Web - Online ESS
  • Biometrics based authentication
  • myCanteen™ - Canteen Management System
  • VisitorTrack™ - Visitor Management

TimeTrack - Attendance & Leave Management

TIME TRACK is a highly user definable attendance & Leave Management application which allows the users to set policies according to their organization's rules. With over 12 years of experience and 5000+ installations our software has all the features to satisfy your requirements.

Our attendance software is a highly flexible package that will fulfill even the most demanding rules and regulations of companies. An example would be our Shift Time menu which has over 20+ optional parameters which can be configured.

With 100+ reports and a built in Report Planner and SQL Query planner, TimeTrack will cater to your present and future needs.

TimeTrack Web - Online ESS

TIME TRACK - Web is a Hybrid System Module that leverages the power of the web to our TimeTrack software. It's a web based Employee self service module. It provides the flexibility for Department Heads and employees to login and access their Attendance & Leave in their personal PCs or designated employee Self service stations.

The Options include
1 - Online Leave Management
2 - Attendance Management
3 - Overtime / Leave / Shift Change / Gate pass applications and approvals
4 - Departmental access to supervisors to see the information of employees reporting to them

Biometrics based authentication

Biometric security is becoming mandatory across many businesses and it helps in resolving many legal requirements. We provide biometric validation using USB based fingerprint or Face recognition for accessing locker rooms / gold loan deposits etc.

myCanteen™ - Canteen Management System

For organizations who run a canteen within their premises we provide myCanteen™ our premium canteen management solution.

Some of the features are
1 - Coupon less Transactions
2 - Reader Keyboard / Touch screen based Multi Menu selection.
3 - Live Stock view / Menu view / Counter View
3 - Integrated with Attendance - Access based on Shift, Overtime etc.
4 - Prepaid, Post Paid and unlimited facilities. Auto recharge by employees.
5 - Guest cards option.
6 - Printer, RFID, Finger Print and Touch Screen Support

VisitorTrack™ Visitor Management

Organizations normally have a paper register where visitors write down their name and get a paper pass. This does not provide control over managing an important security aspect of the organization.

VisitorTrack™ is a unique Visitor Management Software application that provides control over the visitors.

The software facilitates
1 - Capturing of Visitors Photograph
2 - Print Visitor Pass with the visitor photograph.
3 - Automated pass generation based on Appointments
4 - Auto Emailing to the Staff Members / visitors.
5 - Visitors Tracking
6 - Various MIS Reports
7 - Online web / mobile based appointments