T-123 RFID Based Access Control Reader

  • Introduction
  • Specifications


T-123Controller was designed specially for all kinds of electric-control locks and security control. It is one of the most advanced modernized entrance systems. Adopting the latest technology, powerful functions, it has induced card and three ways of opening the door, such as password to open the door, induced card adding with password to open the door, and card to open the door. It has safety measures such as the monitor and alarm under the door state, anti-pry alarm, deploy defense, safety mode, and induced card adding with password etc., which makes the users more safe and convenient. This product offers many kinds of entrance and exit management way with safety and automation, which is the ideal device for commercial institution, office building, factory, and residential area etc


    • High Speed Contact Less Reader can register 1000 RFID cards.
    • Inductive speed : quick cards punching <0.4sec
    • Card type : RFID Card
    • Reading Distance : 80-150mm (related to card quality)

    • Standalone reader PC connectivity not required
    • Reader has memory for registering the cards. Punch data is not stored.
    • The reader is portable, compact and very light in weight
    • Three LED lights
    • Power Requirement: 12V DC
    • Can be easily integrated with electro magnetic lock.
    • Operating Temperature 0- 45 degree