RS-485 Based Sync clock with GPS Module

  • Introduction
  • Specifications


    • The Synchronized digital clock is ideal for Offices, Malls, Railway/ Bus Stations, Factories where Time display is required; our systems seamlessly synchronize every clock independently to display the exact same time. With a variety of options, plus dedicated project managers to ensure smooth installation, our clocks are the choice worldwide for synchronized time solutions.

Technical Specification

    • Clock Size: 4 inch display for Hour/Minute and 2.3 inch display for seconds
    • Master / Slave Clocks:One clock can serve as a Master and other as Slaves.
    • RS485:In this case all the clocks can be connected via RS485 (RJ45 or dedicated Telephone Cables – distance more than a KM).
    • Master Clock Synchronization: Master Clock can be connected with GPS Module so time can be synchronized.
    • Independent Clocks:Each clock will synchronize with time server, if Ethernet clock is used then router must have access to Internet, if Wi-Fi clock is used clock can access Time Server via Wi-Fi router
    • Size: 480x140x40 mm
    • Power: 12v 1Amp
    • Warranty: 1 Year