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Keeps an 'eye on your home, business, company, shops, clinic. CCTV System helps you to watch over your assets. It helps to :

    • 1- Alerts and Prevent Crime
    • 2- Prevent Employee Theft and malpractices
    • 3- Be a useful piece of evidence
    • 4- Help law enforcement solve crime with proof
    • 5- Keep an eye on children and senior citizen
    • 6- Protecting your staff
    • 7- Encourage good behaviour
    • 8- Monitoring high-risk area
    • 9- Increase customer's confidence
    • 10- Awards peace of life
    • 11- Anytime and from any where access helps for assurance

How It Works?


CCTV video surveillance system - includes Camera, Monitor, Cable, DVR. Front facing camera which get most of the attention in surveillance. There are also other elements like viewing, recording, and archiving the video footage, and the equipment required for carrying out those tasks.


Security cameras are the starting point for majority CCTV video surveillance systems. There are number of features considers while choosing CCTV cameras and lenses everything from fixed models designed for monitoring very specific locations, to day/night cameras, and powerful PTZ domes for patrolling large areas. New technology and innovation gives best for choice to user.


CCTV security camera setup, operators view footage from a prime location on a monitor very much like a TV, with higher lines of resolution for better picture quality. Monitors can be display video from a single camera or can access multiple cameras at the same time.


Cable transmits the video footage from the CCTV security cameras. Cable can be expensive and difficult to install, especially for larger camera networks, and those were cameras must be positioned in difficult locations.


DVRs convert the analog footage to digital, which helps to extend storage capacity, makes it much easier to search archived footage, and also allows users to stream video over a network for remote viewing from multiple locations.

How It Works?

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