Guard Tour System Manual

  • Introduction
  • How does work ?
  • System and Software
  • Usage of Reader
  • Tips

What is guard tour system?

A guard tour system is a system for logging the patrols of employees in a variety of situations. It helps ensure that the employee makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can offer a virtually indisputable record for legal or insurance reasons. Essentially, the system provides a means to record the time when the employee reaches certain important points on their tour. A guard tour system consists of a reader, a usb cable, RFID tags, guard ID card and the software.

How does a guard tour system work?

The employee carries a reader which is activated at each checkpoint. The checkpoints can consist of proximity microchips such as RFIDs Tags. During the patrol the reader stores the serial number of the checkpoint with the date and the time. Once completed, the information is downloaded from the reader into a computer where the checkpoint's serial number will have an assigned location (i.e. North Door, Cell Number 1, etc.). The reader can also be programmed to ignore duplicate checkpoint activations that occur sequentially or within a certain time period. Computer software used to compile the data from the reader can print out reports that pinpoint the missed checkpoints or patrols. Then the administrator doesn't have to review all the data collected

System Requirements and Software Installation

    • Minimum System requirements : *Operating System: Windows2000/XP/Vista
    • Performance : MMX / Pentium 4, 512MB RAMS *CD-ROM Driver and RS232/USB Port *16 color at 800*600 pixels
    • Software installation : *Insert the CD of software into the appropriate drive and locate the software which matches with your product. Then double click the “Setup.exe” icon to begin the installation (make the USB port free during the installation). Follow the instructions on screen, the installation will take about 5 minutes to complete. *Open the software installed on the computer, enter the login interface, the default administrator password is "999" and the operator password is "123". Please modify them after login. *For details about setup and usage of the software, please refer to the “Setup and Function Introduction” enclosed with the CD.

Usage of Reader

    • Checkpoints reading :Hold the head of the reader near the RFID card within 3-4 cms of the checkpoint. The reader will collect the data of the RFID card automatically instead of collecting by contacting. A “Beep” with flash confirms a successful reading.
    • Data download :First, connect one end of the USB cable with reader and the other end with the USB port of computer; then open the software --- click “data reading”, the patrolling data will be displayed on the interface. Click button “save” to save the data in the software.

    • Two flashes when reading means the battery is low, please replace with a new one.
    • Three "Beeps" when reading means that reader’s time is not correct. Please connect the reader with computer for synchronizing.
    • Four "Beep" when reading means that the card should be read again.
    • Six "Beeps" when reading mean that the memory of the reader has reached the maximum capacity. The data should be uploaded to the computer to free some space


    • Before the first use, the reader should be connected with the computer for deleting the data stored inside.
    • Do not put the reader over fire
    • Simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs at up to 1920x1080P resolution
    • Do not disassemble the reader by yourselves.
    • The RFID card contains auxiliary electronic devices and components, do not put the RFID card over fire and do not hit the RFID card with a blunt object
    • Do not locate the RFID card on the surface of metal object or inside metal object